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Nature is a woman Collection SS21

Taragalte Stockholm is already making waves thanks to their distinctive designs, hand-woven custom-made pieces, and flamboyant colours.

In the era where diversity in fashion is more important than ever, we are delighted to welcome emerging brands that focus not just on the design aspect, but look at exploring new, creative ways of bringing a sense of interconnectedness and change through fashion, thus adding cultural diversity to new aspects of our lives – starting with our wardrobes.

Marta Rus - Writer and Content Creator - Nordic Style Magazine

Taragalte Stockholm is a sustainable fashion brand that fuses Moroccan and Swedish culture to convey an important message through fashion. The message is this: despite different ethnic backgrounds, as a human race we all possess commonalities.

Eluxe Magazine

Fantastisk design!

Therése Neaimé - Swedish singer & songwriter

With Taragalte Stockholm, Sweden brought the best of its design talent to Argentina

Argentina Fashion Week

Taragalte Stockholm


Taragalte Stockholm SS20

Nature is a woman

Dreaming Of Morocco AW21

Vivid Sunset

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