Nature is a woman

Nature is a Woman as both nature and women share the same attributes: fertility, bounty and reproduction
Nature is a woman is a collection launched to celebrate the International Women's Day 2021 ! A collection  inspired from artwork of the Moroccan painter and artist Fatima El Hajjaji.
Fatima El hajjaji is a feminist artist who I admire immensely as we both share a common passion for fashion and art in general.
This collection conveys two essential messages: femininity through women with all their diversity, ethnicities, different body types, disabilities, far from stereotypes and prejudices. Secondly a nature conservation, a cause for which the artist has campaigned more than 23 years.

The artist during his visits to Stockholm in different seasons was amazed by the beauty of Swedish nature and the beautiful parks and forests of Stockholm.Her artwork represents also this degradation from a fairy forest in all its colors and seasons, to the forest deteriorated by pollution and contamination.This collection presents the feminine identity of nature while celebrating women around the world, calling out stereotypes and promoting a positive change.

We use design technique that eliminate textile and printing waste.

At the design stage we carefully plan how we will use the piece of textile by arranging our printed pattern to fit the final printed pattern.

This design technique reduce the waste required to put together a garment.
*Sustainable Brand
*Unique pieces
*Zero waste